Company Secretarial Services

What are Company Secretary services?

company secretarial services include Advising on legal and procedural matters under the Act. Maintenance of secretarial records, statutory books, and registers. Acting as Secretarial Auditor, Advisor, or Consultant. Filing of petitions before the Company Law Board.

Company Secretarial Services UK That Reduce Your Administrative Burden

If you do not have adequate resources to manage all your business administration or if you are too busy to manage everything yourself, then Affinity Associates can help. We provide assisted or complete Company Secretarial services in the UK that are not only remarkable in quality but budget-friendly as well.

The Company Secretarial function is to make sure that the company complies with every legal requirement, which is stipulated by the Companies Act 2006. The person responsible needs to ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted to appropriate offices within the prescribed deadlines. Failure to carry out these important business administration tasks on time can lead to penalties and put your company in danger of non-compliance and the ensuing penalties.

The penalty regime these days has been increased substantially, and it can now be very punitive (some penalties have become more than double now)! If you are not careful with the business administration tasks, you may have to face an unnecessary financial burden upon your company. Fortunately, we at Affinity provide professional Company Secretarial services in the UK that take care of the business administration tasks of your company on your behalf.

Affinity Company Secretarial services are available for any kind and any size of business in the UK. We have an experienced and expert team to support you with your company’s administrative tasks. Our professional team will ensure that your company always complies with the obligations of the Companies Act 2006, and thereby reducing your burden of being compliant and enabling you to focus more on running your company.

Why Affinity Associates for Company Secretarial services?

We have a professional staff that is not only well-versed but vastly competent in handling business administration. Our top-quality Company Secretarial services are comprehensive and suitable for any business in the UK.

Affinity Associates can help you:

  • Carry out company formation and provide practical guidance on your corporate structure
  • Draft board minutes, resolutions, dividend warrants, and routine regulatory announcements
  • Improve your corporate governance
  • Process share transfers and allotments
  • Maintain statutory records
  • Submit statutory returns such as the Confirmation Statement etc.
  • Offer annual general meeting (AGM) support
  • Advice on company law and its implications
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