Expert ATOL Reporting Accountants

To Empower UK Air Travel Organisers

Affinity Associates is one of the leading small business accountancy and consultancy firms in London, UK. We are also a licensed member of the ATOL Reporting Accountants Scheme. Being ATOL Reporting Accountants it allows us to assist  UK tour operators and or travel agencies to remain compliant with the financial standards set by the Civil Aviation Authority [CAA].

Affinity Associates has significant years of experience in the accountancy industry. Over the course of three decades, our accountants for small business in London have been helping  clients from a variety of different industries, including the travel industry. In order to offer expert assistance to ATOL accredited travel agencies, we even went further to become certified by the CAA. Our ATOL Reporting Accountants in London have undergone the required training from the CAA, and are even committed to the ongoing course of professional development to address all the future challenges.

With extensive experience, commitment to quality service and value for money, at Affinity Associates, you will get valuable insights into your air travel business, while ensuring the stringent compliance requirements of CAA is met.

Want to know how our ATOL Reporting Accountants can deliver added value to your air travel business and conform  to the CAA’s financial compliance requirements? Please feel to contact us.