Capital Gains Tax

Practical Tax Advice from the Expert Small Business Tax Accountants in the UK

So, you have capital assets and want to sell them because you are getting more money. Do you know you could be subject to Capital Gains Tax by selling such capital assets? With the right tax advice and careful tax planning, however, it is possible to eliminate or reduce your Capital Gains Tax liability. In certain cases, it is even possible to postpone the payment of Capital Gains Tax! At Affinity Associates, we have extensive knowledge of Capital Gains Tax, and can provide you practical tax planning advice.

When you sell certain capital assets (known as “Chargeable Assets”), such as valuable personal possessions (coins and stamps, antiques, jewellery, etc.), properties, shares, or a business, you need to pay tax on the gain you made to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Failing to calculate and file accurate Capital Gains Tax computation could result in an enquiry from HMRC.

It is, however, possible to reduce, eliminate, or postpone your Capital Gains Tax with the right tax advice and early tax planning. Therefore, whether as a business owner or not, you should get in touch with the expert small business tax accountants in the UK at Affinity, before selling any assets, in order to obtain clear advice and discuss means to minimise the impact of Capital Gains Tax and at the same time, remaining compliant.

Why Choose Affinity Associates for Capital Gains Tax Planning?
We have been providing quality tax services to our clients for over 30 years now. We have expert small business tax accountants in London, UK, who have immense knowledge in various personal and corporate tax affairs, including Capital Gains Tax. Whether you need tax planning advice on Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax, Affinity Associates is your ideal partner.

Affinity Associates can help you:

  • Calculate any potential Capital Gains Tax when you sell an asset
  • Calculate any reliefs that you are entitled to when selling your asset
  • Advise on the timing of disposal of the asset
  • Advise whether you qualify for Entrepreneurs’ Relief, which could reduce your tax
  • Advice on “Allowable Losses”
  • Advise on the sale of shares
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