Dear Small Businesses, Here are 4 Accounting Tasks That Must be Done on a Weekly Basis

Dear Small Businesses, Here are 4 Accounting Tasks That Must be Done on a Weekly Basis

Keeping the track of accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping and financial data is crucial for businesses of all sizes, whether large, medium or small. These financial data determine the success of any business. There are some incidents in the past that some of the well-established businesses across the world have been doomed for the reason that their accounting processes were not up-to-the-mark, disorganized or incorrect. Not only that, but some small businesses these days are prone to poor accounting procedures, and if you are one of them, then it’s time to wake up.

Most small business owners have the habit of managing their business finances like they handle their personal finances – occasionally checking the balance in the account and paying off their bills when they have money available. What can be worse? Want to make sure that your business is not one of them? Keep Reading this blog.

Listed below are the 4 tasks that you ought to be performing on a weekly basis without fail:

1. Making Payments to Vendors – Your business needs a systematic plan for making payments to your vendors. This will help you keep a track of all your debts. Moreover, it will also help you maintain a good repute and credit rating of your business amongst the vendors.

The date of payment may vary from vendor to vendor; hence, you cannot get away simply by paying your bills all at one time in a month. Among the group of vendors, you have, some might accept or agree to get paid in a period of 30 days, whereas some vendors may request the payment as soon as the bill is submitted. Bookkeeping tasks are time consuming and there is no particular benefit of paying your bills on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is advisable to make the bill payments once a week and enjoy the increasing efficiency of your business. All your bills would be paid on time and your bookkeeper would not face a tough time having to deal with a lot of check runs.

2. Bank Account Reconciliation – Proper bank account reconciliation is extremely necessary for each and every business owner, because it helps them to understand the actual cash they have and then compare it with the cash they believed they had.

Most of the small businesses make a mistake of waiting for their bank statement to arrive and then reconcile it with their account, but the problem here is that bank statements are generated only once a month. This means that you have to wait approximately 31-31 days between the reconciliations and too much can take place in-between this time period. Therefore, it is recommended to all the small businesses to reconcile their bank account on a weekly basis, and if you have time, then doing it every day is also not a bad idea.

3. Record and Maintain Customer Receipts – For a small business owner, an unsatisfied or angry customer is the worst nightmare. Nobody expects to pay a bill and then get a ‘past due’ letter a week later. To avoid such awkward situations, make a habit of recording and maintaining the receipts from your customers in a timely manner. You should follow this routine every day, but if you are occupied with other tasks, once a week will do.

4. Extra Transactional Entries – Being a small business owner, you don’t only deal with your vendors and customers, you also make some financial transactions out of this as well. Financial transactions such as interest payment, a fee levied by bank and auto-debits are required to be recorded at the end of every week. Some bookkeepers opt for recording them prior to reconciling the account to make the procedure smooth and streamlined. However, as your business expands, you have to develop your personalized system to manage each and every aspect of the accounting process, giving the above-mentioned points a fair start.

Need a Helping Hand?

If you believe that all those points discussed above is hard to follow, then you need a helping hand in the form of Small Business Accountancy services from companies like Affinity Associates. The latter, with the help of experienced accountants, will keep you abreast of the complete financial situation of your business.

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Why Opt For Small Business Accountancy Services in London, UK

Why Opt For Small Business Accountancy Services in London, UK

Do you claim a business, yet don’t like dealing with the everyday associated paperwork? Well, you don’t need to make a fuss over the installments, payments, receipts, finance, taxes and other such numbers that are associated to keep the business running smoothly. Opting for small business accountancy services in London, UK, is something that you should consider to manage your business’s overall finances. Here are a few reasons that will help you to understand better:

Save Time with Small Business Accountancy Services

Dealing with your business’ records every day all by yourself is obviously tedious. Regardless of whether you are capable dealing with accountancy and bookkeeping, it just takes an excess amount of time for recording, handling and processing every financial transaction incurred. By hiring small business accountancy services in London, you can free up a great amount of time for yourself, divert your focus on your clients, your core business functions, and overall be more creative towards it.

Save Money with Small Business Accountancy Services

You don’t have to procure a full-time, in-house accountants just to deal with the paperwork of your small business. Rather, outsource your whole accountancy to the professional and skilled accountants for small business. Accountancy services for small businesses are significantly practical then utilizing an in-house representative or a group.

Ensure Accuracy with Small Business Accountancy Services

There are quite a few great accountancy software that helps to keep your business accountancy needs in order. However, mistakes do happen and they can end up being expensive. By hiring professional accountants and tax consultants for small business, you can be rest assured that your records will be precise and error free. The HMRC dislike incorrect records and in the event, if your firm is audited, then you are all on your own. Yet with accountancy services for small businesses, you will have a solid sponsorship, particularly during audits.

Stay Organized with Small Business Accountancy Services

Piles of receipts, invoices, and other paperwork can easily turn out to be a stressful situation for your office. Hiring experienced and professional accountants for small business, you can have the power to save all the information online and secured, accessible at any time.

If you’re looking for quality and reliable small business accountancy firm in London, UK, then Affinity Associates is the right firm for you to contact. We offer quality accountancy services to a wide range of businesses in London, and all across the UK.

Top 5 Things a Small Business Accountancy Provider in the UK can do for your Business

Top 5 Things a Small Business Accountancy Provider in the UK can do for your Business

Wondering what a top small business accountancy provider in the UK, like Affinity Associates, can do for you?

Many small business owners believe that keeping accountancy in-house or doing it on their own is economical. However, the fact is that the price they are paying for in-house accountancy is greater than engaging a professional small business accountancy provider. A small business accountancy provider not only can take care of the accounting but can do a lot for your business. Here are the top five things that a small business accountancy provider can do for your business:

1.      Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping services for small business from an accountancy provider can help you save time and money. It can take away the hassle of bookkeeping, and at the same time, free you so you can concentrate more on running and expanding your business. Bookkeeping services for small business are also more cost-effective than hiring full-time, in-house staff of bookkeepers. By engaging bookkeeping services for small business, you will never have to worry about keeping your books accurate and up-to-date.

2.      Payroll

Payroll management can be ridiculously time-consuming and confusing. With payroll services from a small business accountancy provider, payroll management will not be a hassle anymore. Professional payroll services help increase your payroll efficiency, improve your employees’ satisfaction, and ensure your payroll remains compliant with the existing legislation.

3.      VAT Returns

Preparing VAT returns, accounting them accurately in the books, and submitting those returns to HMRC can be very challenging. Fortunately, small business tax accountants working with your accountancy services provider can efficiently address all your VAT return requirements. These small business tax accountants not only prepare, account, and file VAT returns, but also deal with HMRC on your behalf if any queries arise.

4.      Financial Accounting and Business Advice

Bookkeepers may not be able to prepare accounting statements and financial reports. They may also not be able to identify and extract vital information from the statements and reports. Accountants for small business working with your accountancy services provider, on the other hand, can easily prepare all the necessary accounting statements and financial reports. They are trained and qualified to handle these tasks. Apart from preparing statements and reports, accountants for small business can also identify and extract vital information from your books. Using this information, accountants for small business can offer you practical advice that helps limit expenditure and improve the bottom line. They can also advice on business expansion and tax planning opportunities.

5.      Personal & Corporate Taxation

There are a lot of ways to reduce your personal and corporate tax burden, but you probably would not know. Small business tax accountants working with your accountancy services provider can provide you effective personal and corporate taxation services. These small business tax accountants will show you practical ways to help bring down both your personal and corporate tax liabilities.

Apart from the above, a small business accountancy provider can help with incorporation, company secretarial services, audits, and inheritance tax planning among other things.

It is always beneficial to team up with a reputable provider of small business accountancy in the UK, like Affinity Associates. Engaging small business accountancy provider is cost-effective, and it takes care of every accounting aspect of your business.

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