Special Taxation Services

Umbrella Companies, Public Sector workers and IR35 Solutions

We have a great solution for those working especially, in the Public Sector who have been affected by the recent changes in the tax legislation concerning IR35. Our solution will also be applicable for Personal Services Companies and those who may generally be affected by the new IR35 legislation.

The tax planning services we can recommend to SME owners are also available for those that run their own personal service company, or indeed those that are yet to decide on the best possible way to work as an independent contractor. Embarking out as a professional contractor can be daunting as there is much that affects how a contractor can work e.g. IR35, Managed Service Companies, Agency Workers Regulations, which can affect the contractor’s tax status. We can help to guide those new to contracting around what can be a complex working environment.

If there is already a personal service company in place, then the latest announcements from the Treasury regarding the taxation of dividends will be of concern. We are confident that through the bespoke solutions offered by our partners, we will be able to assist contractors to address these concerns and continue to derive the maximum benefit of working through a personal service company.
If you are affected or are likely to be affected by the changing tax environment; at Affinity with have bespoke solutions that will take the worrying away from you so that you can continue to engage in your professional work without having to unnecessarily worry about your tax position.

We have one of the best return solution that we can offer to our contractor clients.

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