Here’s How Professional Bookkeeping Services Can Help You and Your Business

Here’s How Professional Bookkeeping Services Can Help You and Your Business

Being a small and medium-sized business owner, you will keep managing your books by yourself until it becomes unmanageable and frustrating. Once your business expands, you can think about hiring an in-house bookkeeper or consider professional bookkeeping services that are affordable. However, compared to hiring an in-house bookkeeper, receiving bookkeeping services from an accounting firm are more rewarding and promising. Here are some advantages of professional bookkeeping services that can help your business grow, and they are:

Allows You to Concentrate on Your Business Strategy: Bookkeeping means maintaining the record of every financial transaction, even the smallest one, which your business incurs. It involves entering the accurate figures in accounting software or books. You being an entrepreneur, bookkeeping is not your task, and after some time, bookkeeping can bog you down and astray you from concentrating on your business objectives. Keeping yourself occupied with bookkeeping tasks may destroy your creativity; therefore, it is better to partner an accounting firm for professional bookkeeping service who can take care of your books.

Closely Monitors Your Cash Flow: When it comes to your business’s financial transactions, it is necessary that you stay double sure about each and every transaction. You should monitor all your transactions closely, even the tiniest one. However, sometimes you may miss some of your transactions; therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional because having a professional’s eye to monitor guarantees that your business does not abruptly run out of money. An experienced bookkeeper can closely monitor all your transactions and maintain a clear record of cash flow.

Offers Immediate Access to Important Figures: Engaging a professional accountant for small business to take care of your monthly reconciliation, tax computation, and reporting is important. An accountant for a small business can give you the overall picture of your financial health. However, what if you need some financial figures for a specific period, for instance, a particular day? Bookkeepers can get you such figures quickly, without having you to waste time scanning through the reports yourself.

Reduces Tax Liabilities: When you hire an experienced bookkeeper to take care of your books, they will not only manage your books efficiently, but they will also work towards reducing tax liabilities. Based on their experience, they can tell you about all the tax-deductible expenses. For instance, a bookkeeper who specialises in marketing business can tell you whether the cost of advertising in the newspapers or directories can be deducted from your taxes. Furthermore, engaging bookkeepers to carry out bookkeeping for your business is also tax-deductible.

An experienced bookkeeper can help you and your business in several ways; hence, it is productive to consider bookkeeping services for small businesses in the UK.

Professional Bookkeeping Services in London

Are you in need of professional bookkeeping services for your business in London? If so, then you can count on Affinity Associates. We are one of the leading bookkeeping service providers in London. We have teams of best bookkeepers in London, who are both experienced and skilled to offer exceptional bookkeeping services.

To learn more about our bookkeeping services for small business in the UK by browsing through our “Bookkeeping Services” section on our site at If you have any questions or want to know more about our bookkeeping or accounting services, feel free to contact us at +44-020-8903-2077 (London).

Professional Outsourced Payroll Services by Affinity Associates, London

Professional Outsourced Payroll Services by Affinity Associates, London

Managing payroll every month is one of the biggest headaches for small and medium-sized businesses across the UK. And this is because they don’t have a dedicated payroll expert or an accountant who can take care of these activities. After some point of time, it becomes trying for them to focus on their core business process and managing payroll every month. If this is the scenario of your office as well, then it’s time to consider professional outsourced payroll services. There are plenty of London-based outsourced payroll service providers like Affinity Associates who can efficiently manage your company’s payroll task – that too keeping in mind the changing payroll legislation.

Offloading yourself offers your free time to focus on your core business activities and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Moreover, being affordable, it costs you less than hiring an in-house payroll expert to take care of payroll tasks every month. If you are a small or medium-sized business in London or across the UK and want to pass on your payroll tasks to experienced payroll professionals in London, then you can contact Affinity Associates.

Based in London, Affinity Associates is one of the most professional outsourced accounting firms that is valued for offering out-of-the-box payroll services to businesses in London, Wembley, and Harrow. Our professionalism and dedication towards perfection have earned us a massive customer base across the United Kingdom. With our budget-friendly payroll services, you can rest assured about accuracy and focus on your core business activities.

With more than 40 years of experience, we take pride ourselves in offering highly professional payroll services to businesses of every size in London and also across the UK. Regardless of the type of business, when you decide to hire payroll experts from Affinity Associates, you know you’ll be getting the best payroll services in the industry by the people who understand your business and speak your language.

Here’s How Affinity Associates Can Help Your Small Business

With the team of the most dedicated payroll experts in London, we are here to help you manage the day-to-day running of your payroll preparation and compliance. Our payroll services for businesses include:

  • Complete Payroll Services
  • PAYE Registration and Administration
  • One-Off Payroll Exercises
  • TRONC Scheme Management for Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants
  • Complete Payroll Services for Overseas Organisations

To learn more about our Outsourced Payroll Services, please Affinity Associates:

If you are a business owner in London or across the UK who wants to offload his payroll tasks to someone who is truly professional and dedicated towards his duties, then contact Affinity Associates today. At Affinity Associates, we have a team of payroll experts to help your business grow with our payroll services. We have different services and hiring models to suit your budget and requirements.

If you have any questions or queries about our outsourced payroll services and how it can benefit your small business, then feel free to contact us at +44-020-8903-2077 or email us your payroll requirements at We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand our payroll services work.